Friday, December 29, 2006

I Got The Job

Wow, I found out yesterday that I Got The Job. I'm now an official Outback Governess. My placement is on a property 100 NE of Blackall. My boss sounds fantastic really down to earth and the children sound really good too. The oldest is a girl and she is 10, then the middle one is a boy who is 8 and the baby of the family is 6. I am starting this blog so that maybe at the end of my year contract I can maybe turn my adventure into a book.

An adventure is what this is. You see for those who don't know me, I was born and bred in the city. 19 years of city slickin' it and finally I have the oppurtunity I have been waiting for. You see country is in my blood and I think it will always be there. My Dad grew up throughout Western Qld son of a Jackeroo and my Mum grew up higher up around Central Qld, daughter of a Shearer.

Throughout the years I have been bought up on Slim Dusty's songs, Dad's colourful yarns and Mum's distant memories. Dad is a Salesman by Trade but a songwriter by want. I took after him and have been singing country music for around 5 years and writing for 9. I have recently grown a love of the bush ballad and folky sounding songs though I love country rock.

Where does my passion come from you may ask? Why would I want to throw away the hustle and bustle of city life for the remoteness and isolation that comes with rural life? I travelled many distances across my country since Yr 12. Throughout my travels my heart always feels more at ease the more remote I am.

Most 19 year olds are clambering to get themselves out of the country and rural life. I suppose I like going against the grain.

Anyway back to today, I went to the bank and grabbed a loan and when and sussed out a Ute for myself. I signed on the dotted line subject to finance. So I might sit back now with a rum listening to the Sunny Cowgirls and pray to God this ute deal falls into place.

But nice to meet you all. Keep checking back here cause I would love to share all my stories with you. And I am postively sure that there will be some interesting stories after all I'm Sarah-Jane, 19 yr old, city slicker turn outback rebel, Governess, Dreamer and so much more.

Sarah-Jane xx